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GENE515 is the SciFi fantasy adventure for all ages. Frank the Dog and his boy Kita are just trying to find their way in the world, but what machinations are already set into play in this world of the last city on Earth.

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GENE515 is a SciFi Fantasy Novel following the adventures of Frank the Dog and his boy Kita. This epic trilogy, by Zachary H. Rhoades, is being adapted to illustrated novel and highly visual comic that still retains all of the original text. 
Text-only novel; coming soon.

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GENE515 Comic

This highly visualized version of the GENE515 novel features several chapters in each issue. The full text is included along with graphics and images to supplement the narrative. 
No.01 on sale now.
No.02 on sale now.
No.03 on sale now.

No.04 on sale now.
No.05 coming soon.

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GENE515 Illustrated Novel

6x9 perfect bind book format. Like a novel, but with storyboard-style images and full page illustrations. 
Vol.01 - available now
Vol.02 - available now
Vol.03 - available now
Vol.04 - Coming Soon!

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