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Fenix County is the story of two friends solving a mystery told through buddy cop tropes in a detective noir world full of adorably irreverent animals who are also tasked with not being cute ... because it is illegal!

Fenix County, No.01

The inaugural issue of the Fenix County Comic!!
While Fenix County is a new addition to the world, the characters have migrated out from B.A.City under still-mysterious circumstances. We reunite with officers Leo Trox and Sparkles McSparkleton as they start their journeys into street justice and solving the mystery of what might have happened in their past.
On Sale now!

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Fenix County, No.02

Fenix County walks down the street!
Meet the ever-expanding cast of residents in Fenix County. Mike is back, and talkin' to Tanuki. That can't be good for their health if Leo and Sparks are nearby. And who is this mysterious newcomer under a black hat?
On Sale Now!

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Fenix County, No.03

Coming Soon

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