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Author, Illustrator, Producer

Artist and media professional, Zachary H. Rhoades has been producing educational media and developing media courses for two decades. Inspired by his passion for comics, sci-fi, and cartoons, he has created or collaborated on multiple independent series in print and multimedia. 

Author and artist of the illustrated novel series GENE515, Zachary is currently converting the novel to comic book and illustrated novel format, as well as continuing the comic series Fenix County. Available now!




Illustrator, Designer, Photographer

Designer and illustrator, Nellyroll turns fandom into fine art. His character portraits are inspired by a love of classic 80s pop culture. Turning everyday office supplies into fine art, Napkin Portraits is a collection of character designs and comissions showcasing characters who left an impact.

Check out his current portraits online at



Animator, Graphic Novelist & Filmmaker

Beginning his media career in the early 2000s, Jesse has worked as a freelance 3D artist, as well as professor of Media, 3D, and Animaton.  Jesse is the creator of the independent graphic novels known as "Little Wolf" that have enjoyed success as an underground media phenomenon through books, comics, games, and animation.  Today, Jesse has gathered various colleagues into his indie media team to collaborate with artists across the globe and bring Little Wolf to life in the way he always intended, through the art of animation. 

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