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Beat the heat with Inside Art Days!

What do you do to beat the heat now that it's officially summer? Inside Art Days!

Now that the days are humid and hot, I'm less inclined to venture outside. When it's 80 degrees before 10 am, I'd rather be settling in at my worktable to build some more character designs or storyboard images. With all the extra time inside these days, I'm working through 2-3 storyboard images a day. As I progress through the GENE-515 story, I love when a chapter comes across a new character and I can spend a day or two generating a new character design.

It's hard to believe this wall was half as populated a month ago, volume 2 has added a whole world of new characters and scenes to work with now that Kita and Frank are exploring outside the city.

I think I've picked the best area to work too-- whenever I consider heading back outside, I can easily check the thermastat to see if it's cooled down or still too hot for comfort! :)

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