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Artist Alley at Baltimore Comic Con

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our tables at Baltimore Comic Con! I had a great time celebrating 20 years of Baltimore Comic Con! An event that really showcases artists, I love seeing all the original art and unique commissions in Artist Alley.

As you may guess, tabling at a convention can be exhausting for artists. The days are long, starting hours and even days before the event for travel, load in, and booth set up. The space is usually a large convention center with no windows letting in natural light and I always find the constant echoing hum from the high metal ceilings a little unnerving. For me, Baltimore Comic Con 2019 was three days, some starting before sunrise and stretching almost 17 hours, of having to be on the go. By the end of the weekend, the days have all blurred together, my car has more than 400 additional miles, and I've had several meals consisting of just coffee and a granola bar.

And I loved every minute of it! Every good convention leaves me physically exhausted, but I'm always re-energized and creatively inspired! Without fail, the week after returning from a convention, I am accelerating production of my current projects or jumping into something new. The positive energy from fans, fellow artists, and the rest of the Saturday Morning Cartoonist Crew gives me a chance to reset mentally.

The artistic inspiration you find at a comic convention, whether from exhibitors or the extremely creative cosplay community, is just what I needed to refocus and pick up the pace on Gene515 volume 3 illustrations!

Nelly and ZRho tabling for Saturday Morning Cartoonists at Baltimore Comic Con.

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